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Ways to Pledge


Pledge Online via PayPal/Credit Card. Make your donation by clicking on the DONATE button above or on the right of the page. If you are a friend or extended family of a Cheremoya student, please indicate the student’s name and if possible grade.  You can opt to make your donation all at once (using a credit card* or PayPal account) or via monthly payments (using PayPal account).



Pledge via Zelle: To make your donation using Zelle, add

as the"Recipient" [Recipient type: business] and send money directly from your bank.

Pledge by Mail or In Person: You can make a check out to "The Cheremoya Foundation" and leave it with the school's front office staff -or-  mail to: The Cheremoya Foundation / 6017 Franklin Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90028.  

*If you'd like to donate monthly with Zelle, credit or debit card, please click here to subscribe to our monthly Contributors newsletter. You won't be charged automatically but instead will receive a monthly email with a donation link and campus news that highlights what your generous contribution supports at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary!

The Cheremoya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, TAX ID #27-0561981.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

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Annual Giving is Cheremoya’s biggest fundraising campaign of the year and helps pay for Art, Coding, Music, PE, the Garden Ranger program, technology, capital improvement projects and more.  Please give generously. Thank you for supporting these special programs and projects!

Why Donate?

The Cheremoya Foundation (CF) is our school’s fundraising and volunteer group, established by parent volunteers as a non-profit fundraising arm to provide curricular enhancement and classroom support programs for all students at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary.

CF is committed to providing a rich curriculum to each and every child at Cheremoya that includes, among other things: coding, art instruction, PE, hands-on plant science instruction with an EnrichLA Garden Ranger in Cheremoya’s sustainable garden, and modern technology.


Providing these enriching experiences comes at a cost that is significantly more than what the District gives to public elementary schools. 


To ensure the continuation of our enrichment programs and other school support, our goal this year is to raise $75,000.  These funds represent the difference between a good education and the EXCELLENT education our children receive at Cheremoya. More important than the amount you give, however, is the fact that you give.

Please give a gift that is meaningful to your family’s circumstances. Help us reach this goal by giving generously if you are able. We give together so we can grow our school together!

Vinyl Banner Sponsorship in Support of Cheremoya

The support of our community members is more important than ever! We thank all of the businesses that have supported Cheremoya Ave Elementary School through our Banner Program and look fostering new relationships this school year.






The Cheremoya Foundation is a recognized philanthropic group. Therefore your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law under 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charities status – Tax ID# 27-0561981. Please check with your accountant or other tax professional for details.

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“Count us in! Our family supports Cheremoya.”

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