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Children's Storybooks
Welcome to Cheremoya Ave. Elementary 

This group of committed volunteer parents work tirelessly to raise money to pay for programs otherwise not offered by the school. 

9 Dots Get Coding: teaches students to tackle problems and build solutions with code and strengthens their confidence to pursue computer science, preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Physical Education: provides on campus coaching through Got Game Sports, sparking minds and bodies into motion.

Sustainable Garden: provides a hands-on outdoor learning experience in our own Cheremoya garden with an EnrichLA Garden Ranger.

Advanced Literacy Program: gives new books to every student and provides opportunity for all students to meet the author during author visits to the school.

Technology Upgrades: enables classroom technology integration and use of computer labs.

Capital Improvements: assistance to make the school and campus even more beautiful.

Cheremoya's gorgeous Outdoor Learning Center was built with Cheremoya Foundation funds.

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