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Cheremoya All-Stars The Cheremoya Foundation Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School

Creating equitable enrichment opportunities has been one of the Cheremoya Foundation's biggest goals. In order to do this, we are creating After School All-Stars. A parent-led, foundation-funded after-school program designed to meet the needs of Cheremoya families, inspire students, and foster their creativity. 

Our hope is that All-Stars will bring out the very best in everyone involved. Cheremoya parent volunteers and staff will work together next fall to provide unique and engaging enrichment activities and physical education opportunities. Space will be limited, and a lottery system may be required to determine registration. If you have a talent you want to share or can lead an activity, please get in touch with us today! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information.

LAUSD Options

Beyond-the-Bell provides a safe environment with active recreation and enrichment for children of all ages. Cheremoya provides two programs with on-site supervision. 

Youth Development Program (YDP)
UTK-5th Grade, pickup is between 5:45-6:00 p.m.

Youth Services (YS)

2nd Grade-5th Grade, pickup anytime.

Applications are available in the office. It may take 2-3 days to be notified of approval.

Youth Development Program/YDP

The Youth Development Program is a nationwide afterschool program. It is offered through the Beyond the Bell branch of the Los Angeles School District and is designed to expose children to a variety of educational and fun activities with a professional staff fueled to motivate and inspire greatness in children. 

  • Structured and supervised

  • Services students in UTK-5th

  • Space is limited so enroll early

  • Students must attend daily 2:30-5:45

  • Sign-in and sign-out required daily

  • The program is provided free of charge

Youth Services/YS

The Beyond the Bell (BTB) Branch Youth Services Section provides an after-school safe haven for children in grades 2-5. Trained supervisors plan and conduct the program each day after school for students. This program is provided free of charge to participants. Expanded program hours are provided on minimum days.

  • Services students in grades 2-5

  • More permissive

  • Parent sign-in and sign-out not required

  • The program operates 2:30-6:00

  • Homework support

  • Student sign-in is required, and students are advised to communicate with a coach upon leaving

  • The program is provided free of charge​

Beyond The Bell at Cheremoya Foundation Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School

The Los Angeles Parks and Recreation centers offer various classes, lessons, team sports, and activities for the entire family. Fees range from low to no cost. Below is information for the two centers nearest Cheremoya, Yucca, and Hollywood. Cheremoya Foundation Cheremoya, Avenue Elementary School, and LAUSD are not affiliated with Los Angeles Parks and Recreation. Please contact the centers directly for more information.  

Yucca Community Center Cheremoya Foundation Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School
Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School Yucca logo


6671 Yucca St., Hollywood, CA 90028


(323) 957-6339

Email Address

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1122 Cole Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038


(323) 467-6847

Email Address


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Hollywood Rec Center Cheremoya Foundation Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School
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