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Thank you for supporting the Cheremoya Foundation. Whether you choose to support our annual fund, planned giving opportunities, or you would like to become an ambassador through our Friendship Fence, your support helps us in our mission of providing the support necessary to help ensure that every student who attends Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School receives an exceptional educational experience. Since 1915, Cheremoya Elementary has been a cornerstone of the Hollywood community. Reigniting the passion for Cheremoya by giving resources, time, and energy to ensure the school's success will make our community a better place for all.


Donations Wanted!

We need in-kind donations to add to our raffles, auctions, and prize lists. Some examples are tickets to sporting events, the arts, concerts or amusement parks, gift cards, beauty and self-care services, vacation rentals, coaching, and lessons.  If you have access to or can directly provide goods or services, please contact us today!  

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