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We Need You!

Your support is our biggest asset. Whether it's time, resources, donations, or sponsorships, your contribution matters. Join us and get involved today!

Why Community Support Matters


Cheremoya Supports the Entire Community

Did you know that despite Cheremoya being a Title 1 school with limited funding, they provide services like IEP assessments to children living in their local zone who do not attend the school? As you can imagine, this puts even more strain on already overburdened resources, and the administration must work within its budget to designate time for Cheremoya students and children who might attend private and charter schools. With your support, we will help the school to fulfill its duty to the community without impacting any service time allocated for Cheremoya students.


When Cheremoya Shine's We All Shine

Not only is it highly desirable for families to live near a well-performing school, but highly rated schools can also positively impact all property values (by a whopping 20% average). School ratings on sites like Great Schools can drastically affect a family's decision when it comes to choosing a school. We are keenly aware of these facts and believe that supporting Cheremoya teachers, staff, and students as they work every day to rise to the challenge of exceeding expectations is in the best interest of every member of our community. 


What Does Title 1 Mean For Cheremoya?

Cheremoya is as diverse culturally as it is socio-economically. As a Title 1 school, every time a child zoned for Cheremoya attends a different school, Cheremoya loses funding and an opportunity for community and parent engagement. In comparison to other neighboring schools, Cheremoya is currently only able to provide modest enrichment opportunities. Increased staffing and enrichment opportunities are something we would like to address immediately. We believe that creating equitable enrichment opportunities for all students will have a significant positive impact on every aspect of their educational experience.

Get involved today!


Volunteers make a difference! Whether it's an hour a day or an hour a year, your time on campus, in the classroom, or at events makes the Cheremoya Family that much fuller. Join us!


Show the community your support with your business or family banner on the Beachwood Friendship Fence. Gratitude Wall tags and placards are also available.  


Your donations allow the Cheremoya Foundation the ability to provide equitable educational experiences to every child who attends.  We strongly believe that being a Title 1 school should not be a barrier to enrichment access or opportunity.


Buy some merch! Show your love to the world with Cheremoya merch designed in Hollywood. Every purchase goes towards our fundraising efforts and allows us to provide every student with school spirit wear. 


Coming to our events, patronizing our meal partners on Take Out Tuesday and Fun Friday, and following us on Instagram are all great ways to support Cheremoya!

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