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Annual Giving is the bedrock of the Cheremoya Foundation's fundraising and allows students access to programs and enrichments not covered by LAUSD. Through donations, we are able to provide the students at Cheremoya with physical education classes, coding, and garden classes. Compared to other local elementary schools, Cheremoya can only offer modest enrichment and after-school options. Our goal is to make 2024 our biggest fundraising year ever. Not only do we strive to offer more competitive enrichment options, but we also have our sights set on a brand-new playground and walking labyrinth in the coming years. To make this a reality, we are reaching out to families and the community.

This year, the Cheremoya Foundation has made it a priority to ensure that financial disparity gaps among our families are not a part of the Cheremoya student educational experience. We believe that it is imperative that no child at Cheremoya ever faces the experience of not being able to participate or, in any other way, feel left out due to finances. Each day, Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School provides an environment for our children where they are supported, nurtured, educated, valued, and truly seen and heard. We are incredibly fortunate to be a small school with so much heart.


While Cheremoya has some of the best teachers and staff, the children are truly at the center of what we do. With your donation, we can continue providing them with the best education and enrichment opportunities possible. Everyone's financial situation is different, and we ask that, if you can, you give through the Family Pledge or Community Giving in a way that is meaningful to your family.  Donations can be made monthly or in a lump sum for the year. All donations are 100% tax deductible. 

The Family Pledge is an opportunity for families to directly contribute to the programs their children love and benefit from.  Our goal is to raise $1000 per child. Not all Cheremoya families are in a position to give. If you are able, we ask that you give at least $1,500 or more per family, to bridge this gap. For families coming from private school or pre-school, you might consider a month's worth of your previous school's tuition. For other families, a monthly gift between $35 and $150 may be more appropriate. Each family's ability to give varies greatly. You are not required to give; we only ask that you do so if you can. Every dollar counts, and no gift is too small. 

The Cheremoya Community Giving Drive is an opportunity to involve our friends and neighbors and introduce them to Cheremoya. Community Giving allows us to share The Cheremoya Foundation's mission and vision with community members who might not otherwise have reason to engage with the school. We are fortunate to live in a wonderfully generous community filled with people who believe in the value of nurturing public school education. When you make a financial donation to the Cheremoya Foundation, you join a special group of people who care deeply about the future of our community and the world. The Cheremoya Foundation is committed to a positive future, and we believe that through this commitment, we can change the world into a place of greater possibility for all children. Community members can donate by purchasing space on our Friendship Fence or via the donate button below. 

Mail Checks to:

The Cheremoya Foundation

6017 Franklin Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90068

Text Cheremoya to


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The Cheremoya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit, and all donations are tax deductible.  Our Tax ID is 27-0561981. 

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