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Cheremoya Friendship Fence and Gratitude Wall

In 2023, a plan was devised to utilize the Cheremoya fence along Beachwood Canyon Drive in a brand new way. We envisioned a fence line replacing a black screen with banners and messaging that told a story, engaged the community, and celebrated our partnerships. Thus, the Cheremoya Friendship Fence and Gratitude Wall were created. Made up of banners, donor tags, and placards, the 120 ft. area is now a place for recognition, accomplishment, and remembrance. We celebrate the friends and partnerships that sustain so many of our programs and show our appreciation for all those who have endeavored over Cheremoya's 109-year history to make it the cornerstone of the community that it is today. 


Sponsorship Opportunities With a Hollywood Sign View

Thanks to the unique location of Cheremoya in proximity to the Hollywood Sign, we can offer unique custom sponsorship packages that include signage displayed directly on the Beachwood Canyon Drive.


While the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood is home to thousands of residents, the main attractions, the Hollywood Sign, and Beachwood Cafe (made even more famous by Harry Styles) bring countless visitors every month, with a dramatic increase during the spring and summer months. Either by foot, car, bus, bike, or scooter, nearly every single one of them will pass the signage on the Beachwood  Canyon facing Cheremoya fence.

Whether you're seeking a banner as a small business or a large corporation, or if a family banner with a special message is what you're after, we have something for you. 

A Place To Give Thanks And Place Your Name Among The Stars

The  Cheremoya Gratitude Wall provides members of the Cheremoya Foundation Family and the community with a place to show our love and appreciation. The wall sits on the Beachwood Canyon fence line under the shade of a giant loquat tree. Placards and tags can be purchased for yourself or as a dedication or memorial.

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